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Facial Tissue

Clean tissue with excellent absorbance
Extra soft and dust-free, making it versatile.

Feature of Product

  • Practical facial tissue that is soft and tender, perfect for anytime and anywhere
  • Natural Pulp: Produces less dust because it is made of pure natural pulp
  • 2 layers: Smooth texture makes it perfect for facial tissue
  • Surface: Premium facial tissue with its outstanding softness and texture
  • Perfect for makeup, or for a daily use at home and offices

Blondy 100

215mm X 215mm (100sheet)
Packing: 36 packs/Box

Blondy 180

215mm X 215mm (180sheet)
Packing: 30 packs/Box

Blondy 250

215mm X 215mm (250sheet)
Packing: 24 packs/Box

Blondy 280

215mm X 215mm (280sheet)
Packing: 24 packs/Box