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Manufacturing System

With our world-class facility and latest technology,
Blondy promises to deliver only the world-class products.

Our modern facilities manufacture quality products only

We invested and established our own cutting-edge manufacturing system. We produce jumbo roll, paper towel, kitchen paper towel, toilet paper, napkin, facial tissue and more from our specialized production lines. We always endeavor to deliver the prime quality products by maintaining the latest technology facility and a thorough production process management.

The quality of our manufacturing system is proved by your smile

Blondy focuses on securing a deliberate management process, with confidence and responsibility on our full manufacturing process. We target to prevent proactively and thoroughly, fixing the problem afterwards.

All Blondy employees engage in Blondy Quality Management System

Our very own Blondy Quality Management System refers to our responsibility from product design, development, manufacture, release, distribution to customer service. All Blondy employees are part of the system to achieve the highest quality for our products.

Our factory machinery status:

Factory site
  • five buildings on approximately 106,700 square ft
Our machinery status
  • Automatic rewinding machine for toilet paper rolls
  • Automatic packaging machine for toilet paper rolls
  • Automatic cutting machine for toilet paper
  • Automatic rewinding machine for jumbo toilet paper rolls
  • Automatic packaging machine for jumbo toilet paper rolls