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TAE PYUNG CO., LTD. was established in March 1977 and has been leading the toilet paper industry for over 40 years. As a leader in this field, we believe that we are a strong representative of SME businesses, standing shoulder to shoulder with large companies. We set the company's vision in good faith and sincerity, and we are constantly striving to serve and keep our promises to our customers. All of us, believe that we will be appreciated by our customers if we continue to take pride in being our roles and sincere approach. Accordingly, we aim to: First, pursuing the quality of products equal or higher than that of large companies, focusing on quality improvement. Second, proved with sustainability by KS (Korean Standard) and we will meet any required certifications and requirements. Third, take action on customers' feedback within 24 hours. Now, the top priority of our company is to provide the best for our customers and business partners. We promise to become the version of TAEPYUNG by approaching consumers with cost-effective and top-notch quality products, that doesn’t fall short when compared to any other companies. TAE PYUNG CO., LTD.
Founder & Chairman
Bong Jong Lee